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Hongjing went public on the Beijing New Board

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March Beijing, Yangchun cloth Deese, all the glory. In March 28, 2017, with the ringing bell sounded, Guangdong Hongjing photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Hongjing photoelectric") in the National SME share transfer system (referred to as the "new three") officially listed on the stock code 870900. Wang Yue, deputy research area of torch torch area by letter Bureau of finance Wang Houchen, Industrial Development Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Ma Jin, Guoxin Securities Zhongshan branch general manager Li Xuanrong attended the bell ceremony. This is another big event of the company after the company got the certification of the high and new technology enterprise in December last year.
As of the end of March in Zhongshan City, a total of 60 companies listed on the new board, the photoelectric hirokage listed on the new board, is the youngest of the private enterprises, enterprises of manufacturing industry in Zhongshan.
The sponsor of the company's registration application is the national letter securities, the legal consultant is the Guangdong Hua Shang law firm, and the financial audit is the same as the accounting firm.
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